Case Study: Kyocera’s Tiered Color Technology

November 20, 2019

In their current situation, their lease with their current provider was ending since their expectations were not being met. Their office had only two machines: one black and one color. Additionally, they were paying an extremely high cost-per-page on their color machine, even though they didn’t always utilize an entire full color page when printing. When asked why they had two machines, Brittani was told that their current provider said that one machine could not handle their entire print volume. Immediately, she knew that Kyocera could help.


How Does Kyocera’s Tiered Color Technology Work?

Imagine watching your favorite sports team, tv show or movie in black and white instead of color. Not very exciting, right? That’s why many of us remember the excitement and impact of watching our black and white televisions transition to color in our homes. 

That same impact holds true for your printed documents you are sending to your customers. The biggest hurdle for organizations is the cost of color. Now with Tiered Color printing from Copy Systems, you can have that impact of color on your documents and save money doing it.

With Kyocera’s Tiered Color System, documents that contain lower levels of simple color can be billed at a lower rate than full color documents. As a result, you can print or copy more monochrome documents with your company logo in color, such as letterheads and invoices, at a fraction of the current color cost!

Copy Systems’ Printing Solutions

Kyocera offers a fleet of MFP’s and printers that are capable of handling large print volumes while still boasting an average lifespan of 10-15 years. Not only that, Kyocera also offers cutting edge technology with their Tiered Color Monitor, enabling documents that contain lower levels of color to be billed at a lower rate than full color documents.

During the process, the non-profit was also receiving bids from two other competitors in the area. Ultimately being the only exclusive Kyocera dealer, Brittani was able to secure a customized solution for the non-profit with Copy Systems! This plan would include tiered color, cybersecurity solutions on the machine specific to their workflow, and automated business applications to ease all end-users’ workloads.


Managed Services Upgrade

After a follow up meeting with the office manager and IT department to make sure all their priorities and needs were being met, Brittani proposed the 4053ci and the 5053ci Kyocera machines, giving them options for how fast they wanted to copy and print.

Upgrading to the 5053ci, Kyocera consolidated both of their old machines into one monthly lease. By signing a maintenance agreement with Copy Systems, Inc., this means the non-profit organization can now enjoy higher-quality color, a faster printing output, and dual scan technology all for a lower monthly cost!

Once it is all said and done, this printing hardware upgrade is saving the company $235 per month. Money that is now allocated to their mission- improving the health and well-being of the community’s youth.

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