Bank Saves $300/ Month by Implementing Technology Overhaul

November 8, 2019

There were a lot of older MFPs and desktop printers spread out throughout the organization that didn’t have maintenance agreements. As a result, excess toners were sitting around on desks, amounting to huge costs associated with the toner and labor, and surprisingly high maintenance bills due to the outdated technology.

How Copy Systems Came to Help

Ryan Fry was able to help them out with performing an in-depth print study, allowing him to identify the problem machines. After multiple meetings with the bank’s vice presidents to negotiate a consolidated contract agreement of several years under a flat cost-per-page, Ryan then met with the in-house IT team. From their insight, he was able to clearly identify their goals and start planning how to best implement the new equipment and process changes across all branches.

Thanks to Kyocera’s similar drivers across the full product line, we were able to successfully install the equipment and train end-user employees at all bank branches in a three-day period. They now enjoy updated technology with Copy Systems as a single support provider, which includes automatic toner orders and service reporting back to our technicians through Kyocera’s Fleet Service.


Saving Money with Better Support

Before the evaluation and implementation of the technology upgrade, the bank was spending $1,779.94 a month on just toner. After the upgrade, they now only spend $709.96 on lease costs and $754.79 on maintenance costs, which covers their average volume based off the print study. Overall, Copy Systems, Inc. is saving the bank a total of $315.19 a month, while giving them better service and technology support as a Managed Print Service provider!


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