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May 14, 2024

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It’s no secret that faxing plays an essential role in the healthcare industry. According to the Medical Group Management Association, nearly 90% of healthcare offices use fax to send 75% of their documents. However, with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) placing a greater demand for data privacy and compliance, it is crucial healthcare providers understand and implement strict faxing protocols. But how can practices ensure their faxing procedures are up to HIPAA compliant faxing standards? Let’s find out!

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Understanding HIPAA Compliance for Faxing

HIPAA compliance is essential when it comes to transmitting sensitive patient information via fax. Adhering to the guidelines set by HIPAA ensures the security and confidentiality of electronic protected health information (ePHI). In the context of faxing, it is crucial to consider the following key aspects of HIPAA compliance:

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

If your organization works with a third-party faxing service, such as an online fax provider, establishing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is imperative. A BAA is a legal contract that establishes the responsibilities and obligations of both the covered entity (the medical facility) and the business associate (the fax provider) in safeguarding ePHI during fax transmissions. The BAA ensures that the fax provider follows HIPAA guidelines and appropriately protects patient information.

Security and Encryption

HIPAA mandates the implementation of appropriate security measures to protect ePHI during faxing. This includes employing safeguards to prevent unauthorized access such as encryption protocols that meet the guidelines of HIPAA’s Breach Notification Rule. According to HIPAA Fax Guide, fax providers must support a Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption of 1.2 at minimum.

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Security measures like utilizing encryption technology will help you achieve HIPAA compliant faxing.

By addressing these important aspects of HIPAA compliance for faxing, medical facilities can protect the confidentiality, integrity, and security of patient information. So, what’s the solution for faxing medical documents with confidence—eGoldFax!

eGoldFax: The Gold Standard for HIPAA Compliant Faxing

eGoldFax stands out as the premier solution for organizations seeking HIPAA compliant faxing services. Along with eGoldFax’s many benefits, this solution provides comprehensive security features to address critical concerns when transmitting sensitive patient information. All faxes are encrypted with TLS 1.2 during transmission and storage, ensuring the confidentiality of documents. The platform also provides advanced features such as audit trails, access controls, and disaster recovery, helping organizations maintain compliance with security regulations, for not only HIPAA but GDPR, FERPA, NIST, and more. It’s for this reason HIPAA Fax Guide named eGoldFax as one of the best HIPAA compliant fax companies of 2023.

Best Practices for HIPAA Compliant Faxing in Medical Facilities

Along with utilizing the power of eGoldFax, there are best practices your staff can follow to promote HIPAA compliant faxing. These include:

  • Secure fax machines: Implement physical and digital security measures such as locked rooms and access controls to prevent unauthorized access to fax machines.
  • Double-check faxing information: Before faxing, confirm the fax number is correct.
  • Control fax number settings: Pre-program and clearly define frequently used fax numbers and prohibit redialing to avoid user errors.
  • Utilize cover sheets: Use cover sheets that label the faxed information as confidential, asking that the contents are destroyed immediately if the fax was misdirected and to contact the sender.

HIPAA Compliant Faxing Starts Here

eGoldFax offers a secure and trustworthy faxing solution that ensures full compliance with HIPAA regulations, giving healthcare providers the peace of mind that their patients’ information is protected.

Learn more about what eGoldFax can do for you or contact us today and start on your path to ultimate HIPAA faxing compliance.

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