Faxing: The Silent Hero of Data Security

November 10, 2023

digital faxing illustration

Data security has become more critical than ever. By now, most businesses are aware of the risks associated with cyber threats and data breaches, but what they may not know is that traditional methods of digital communication such as email can leave their data vulnerable to hackers and other malicious actors. That’s why it’s essential to consider alternative, more secure methods of data security.

One of the safest and most reliable methods of communication for sensitive data is through faxing. Despite seeming like an old-school method of communication, faxing continues to be widely used especially as we enter a new era of cloud-based faxing solutions.

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Understanding Vulnerabilities in Data Security

There’s no denying that online communication has become an integral part of modern business. However, as the internet has evolved, so has hacking and cyber-crime. This means that data transmission through email or file-sharing leaves businesses vulnerable to fast-evolving online threats. Attackers can intercept messages, steal sensitive information, and launch a cyber-attack without the victim even realizing it. This is especially important where data security is paramount such as industries that deal with highly sensitive information like healthcare, legal, and finance.

How faxing is a secure method for data transmission

Faxing remains hassle-free, efficient, and most importantly is a secure method of data transmission. Fax machines leverage encryption technology just like online communication for greater protection. This encryption means that sensitive information sent with a fax is secure end-to-end; from the sender to the receiver. Only authorized recipients can open and read the contents of a fax, unlike email, where forwarding can easily be done without the sender’s knowledge or consent. 256-bit encryption is currently the most secure technology in use today.

Doctor using eGoldFax for data security

Solution like eGoldFax are great for industries where data security is paramount like healthcare.

How eGoldFax Enhances Data Security

Implementing faxing as a part of your workflow is a practical and effective choice. Copy Systems provides secure faxing solutions, powered by eGoldFax, to help mitigate the risks associated with email communication.

Copy Systems’ cloud-based fax solutions offer end-to-end Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 encryption, trackable document transmission, and convenient integration with multifunction devices for efficient sending and receipt of faxes. Additionally, because it is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about busy phone lines, frustrating manual document management, or expensive extra equipment taking up space.

Integrate Smarter Data Security Today with Copy Systems

Security threats will always be present, but the availability of secure communication channels ensures that your data remains private and is only accessible to authorized parties. If you’re ready to see the difference eGoldFax has on your business, contact us and ask how you can implement a stronger form of data security today.

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