5 Benefits of Using Managed IT Services

January 25, 2023

Managed IT services is a business practice in which companies outsource their IT management, maintenance, and repair responsibilities to an expert 3rd party. Typically, managed IT services include:  

Organizations that employ a managed IT service provider relieve their own IT personnel of additional work, thereby saving the company money on overtime. However, in addition to cutting costs, managed IT services work to improve a company’s overall productivity by upgrading, securing, and streamlining their IT operations. 


The Benefits of Managed IT Services 

1. Low Cost 

One of the highlights of using managed IT services is their predictable, low-cost rates. Since most IT providers operate on a fixed monthly basis, organizations employing their services need only pay per month on an agreed bundle package, often covering equipment repairs, routine maintenance, or upgrades. Typically, if your business needs many repairs or upgrades, the managed IT service provider covers everything under a set monthly rate during a routine check-up. Furthermore, since managed IT service providers use trained IT experts, no additional costs are required to train security or network personnel, allowing your team to stay productive and ensure your data is handled by capable technicians.  


2. Adaptability 

Adaptation—whether it be by integrating new systems or training employees—is crucial to managed IT services. While it’s important that businesses adopt management programs for their data and documents, without proper support an IT team can quickly fall behind on projects. Managed IT service providers easily and efficiently upgrade network systems to optimal function, preventing flaws in your network data protection. Thus, managed IT services can respond to issues 24/7 without the additional costs or rate increases associated with an internal CIO or IT operator.  


CSI Managed IT Services Correct Network Flaws at Anytime

Managed IT services respond to unusual online activity on a 24/7 schedule to protect your network.


3. Productivity 

Downtime poses a great risk to company productivity; the windfall of which is reduced product delivery and overall customer satisfaction. For example, a website shutting down during a high-traffic event can provoke negative reviews and backlash from clients expecting a reliable resource. Managed IT services provide constant support to ensure your online services can be rebooted and operational in little to no time at all. Even if issues occur due to a data breach or internal error, managed IT experts can provide backup and recovery support to restore access to vital work applications. By delegating to a managed IT service, businesses invest in their IT department’s success by freeing them from menial or extensive repairs to focus on innovating your business’ internal growth.  


4. Proactive Defense 

By the time most IT personnel alert you of a data breach or malware issue, the damage is already done to your network, costing the company valuable data, time, and resources. While cybersecurity can detect a potential threat within your network, managed IT services offer an immediate response to network issues before they damage production. Rather than spending millions on repairs, companies need only pay a monthly rate to secure their data from theft, as managed IT service providers monitor your system for irregular behavior and isolate threats right away. Taking a proactive stance on data security and authentication, managed IT services offer heightened detection and reactions to threats, saving company profits and the risk of bankruptcy. 


5. Expert and Reliable IT Support 

A major benefit managed IT services offer is the use of experienced, expert IT technicians to manage data. Often, IT providers bring with them a team of highly trained, skilled employees to monitor network activity. By partnering with a managed IT service, training is provided, and experts provide technical guidance for how to follow cybersecurity standards, software updates, and new technologies available on the market! The result? Your business stays on top of technological trends whenever you need them.  


Count on Copy Systems’ Managed IT Services

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