Toner Recycling

Reduce Your Footprint

A simple, waste-free solution to responsible disposal

Businesses today are looking for ways to lower their impact on the environment, to work cleaner, smarter, and more responsibly. Copy Systems’ ECO footPRINTTM Toner Recycling Program offers a way to do just that, taking all the effort out of recycling empty Kyocera toner containers.

How it works

Request recycling boxes from Copy Systems, Inc.. Fill the boxes with depleted and waste Kyocera toner containers, seal and send to our recycling facility partner, Close the Loop.

That’s it! There are no shipping or recycling costs. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us uphold our commitment to working in harmony with our environment.

Where it all goes

It might be easier to say where it doesn’t go…to the landfill. That’s right. 100% of every Kyocera toner container recycled through the program is transformed into useful objects that serve a necessary function. Our partners at the Close the Loop recycling facility are able to repurpose the materials into items like pens, park benches, and even asphalt!

Start recycling today!

Thank you for your interest in supporting one of our core principles of working in harmony with the environment we all share. If you’re a Copy Systems, Inc. customer interested in joining the Copy Systems ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program, contact us today. We will take care of ordering boxes for you, setting them up, and even tracking your recycling progress.

Request recycling boxes