DS-64i Intelligent Folder Inserter

Whether you’ve outgrown your existing solution or just got tired of manually preparing outgoing mail, you’ve never seen a folder inserter as smart as this!


Meet the DS-64i Intelligent Folder Inserter…

Faster than an intern!
Never puts the wrong item in the wrong envelope.
Won’t get tired, carpal tunnel, or paper cuts.
Secure and compliant—better than any human, overtired or not!


Big Benefits for Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses


Increase Productivity
Maximize your mail processing and leave the mail prep nightmare behind.


Speed Up Invoicing Time
Keep invoices, billing statements, and payments moving so they reach your customers faster, and you can receive payment sooner.


Risk Mitigation
Ensure that every recipient receives the right mail in the right envelope.


Customer Engagement
Create professional looking mail that stands out in the mail—with no delays or mistakes!

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