Go Paperless

Digitizing paper documents is the easiest first step toward digital transformation and the fastest way to reclaim bottom-line cost savings.

The rewards of paperless

Many organizations have already reaped considerable bottom-line cost savings by transforming their traditional, manual, paper-driven processes into convenient, digital, user-centric experiences. Reducing—or better, eliminating—paper usage provides your business with several key benefits.

Cut costs

Savings extend well beyond the cost of paper (which is substantial). Toner replacements, MFP upgrades and postal costs also decrease. Even more meaningful savings are achieved by eliminating bulky filing cabinets and reclaiming expansive storage areas.

Improve security

Limit the access of certain documents and information to specific people and prevent tampering. Ensure better disaster recovery when by retrieving archived digital files versus attempting to replace file cabinets destroyed by flood, fire or building collapse.

Streamline operations

Reduce total process cycle times by 75% in key processes across accounts payable, HR, contracts, legal and other core business operations.


The heavy cost of paper

Paper is everywhere. Areas such as accounts payable, human resources, contracts and legal rely on paper-centric processes, and that significantly slows down performance when processing thousands of incoming requests.

Filing and retrieving paper is not just messy and time-consuming. It’s also costly:

Wasted money: $700 for each lost document, $125 for each misfiled document.

Business continuity: 70% of businesses risk failure from catastrophic paper loss.

Unsecure by default: 98% of enterprise printers are unsecure and open to hacking.

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