Employee Spotlight: Ryan Fry

September 9, 2022

What led you to join Copy Systems, Inc. and how has your life changed since going into sales?  

Copy Systems was my first job out of college 26 years ago, starting as a Service Dispatcher. Having stayed here since then, I worked my way into Warehouse Manager, then into the Sales department, and finally to my current position: Des Moines Sales Manager. I watched the salespeople and thought maybe I could do that, too, even though I did not go to school for marketing. It was intriguing, and I wanted a bigger challenge.  

I started at Copy Systems, Inc. 1 month into my marriage, and we have had kids and moved a couple of times since. So, I would say pretty much everything in my life has changed in that time.   


How would you describe the company culture and community at Copy Systems?  

Copy Systems has a small company feel despite being a large organization. Because of that, we are a close-knit group that feels more like family. 

Many of us participate in volunteer programs, boards, and committees within the local communities, schools, and churches.   


What do you find to be the most rewarding part of working at Copy Systems, Inc.? 

Being able to make my own decisions and make a difference both in our company and in helping our customers be their best regarding their technology. 


Reviews from both clients and coworkers speak very highly of your dedication and work ethic as Des Moines’ Sales Manager. How would you say your sales team and supervisors at CSI have helped you become the person you are today? 

I think sales is largely self-driven and requires internal motivation. If you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you are probably in the wrong position. Largely, my supervisor has allowed me to earn his trust in making decisions for the best of the sales team and the company. That freedom has helped me flourish. 


Please describe the most difficult order or problem you had to fix for a client. What steps did you and your team take to fix it?  

Haha! This can be a daily thing in our business. With slowed supply chains, we have had to become more and more flexible with shifting stock, providing loaner equipment, and installing equipment quickly when it arrives. 

To be specific, just yesterday we found out that a competitor of ours pulled out of a copier agreement because they couldn’t get stock. We found a suitable copier quickly and the guys are out right now installing it for a new customer. We do that type of thing a lot. 


What are your hobbies outside of work?  

Fishing, reading, sports, and family time with my kids.  



We’d like to thank Ryan for all the hard work he has put in as Sales Manager at Copy Systems, Inc. To check out some of the services Ryan and our other sales representatives have to offer, check out the SMART solutions on our home page or take a look at our careers page today! for a consultation.