Leverage your Office 365 Business license to the fullest with these powerful programs!

January 6, 2022

The technology giant’s widely-known product, Office 365, is noted for its useful applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint which most have heard about and have probably utilized. But your yearly subscription – which unlocks a user license for all the software’s capabilities – includes more must-have tools than just those three popular programs.

It’s likely you’ve set aside money to invest in Office 365 Business – the corporate-friendly bundle that Microsoft offers organizations of all sizes – to facilitate your company’s daily functions. Why not leverage your user license to the fullest extent? Believe it or not, this software has a myriad of technologies your staff can install to improve communications, project management, workflows, budgeting and more!

Office 365 Business isn’t a one-size-fits-all software; Microsoft has developed varying subscription levels which contain a variety of enhancements that are designed to perfectly meet your company’s needs. When you’ve finally selected your subscription, learning how to maximize the benefits of your license is of utmost importance – and there are several areas within your business that you can build up by diving into the array of available applications!

Next-Level Company Wide Communication

Office 365 Business plans offer a variety of ways your company can stay connected – and probably fine-tune its overall communication. Teams is your answer to facilitate video conference calls, and this application even includes instant messaging and file sharing capabilities that support collaboration with up to 300 staff members, vendors and clients. Teams meshes with Outlook, which is both an email and calendar combination, and meeting links can be uploaded in seconds to a daily schedule.

Outlook, specifically, allows you to set up user email accounts for employees, sync team-wide calendars and set up personal planners – all of which help eliminate confusion and minimize overscheduling. Among other valuable tools is SharePoint, which Microsoft has refined over the years and operates on the software company’s cloud. It gives your team the ability to collaborate, share information and perform work on files that are located on specific storage sites within your business.

Apps for Optimal Organization

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have moved to working remotely – and yours might even fall in this category. OneDrive, which allows authorized users to save, edit and share files, lets employees secure access to your company’s documents wherever you’re located. Businesses are provided ample storage space within Microsoft’s cloud, so working on-the-go or at home is achievable!

Daily tasks, such as accessing specific information and work-related documents, can even be tracked through Office 365 programs. Lists is an innovative example of this technology, which can establish automated workflows, organize ongoing and finished assets and events, give employees the ability to add comments on work and more!

Customer Satisfaction Software

Office 365 Business also includes technology designed to build upon customer service standards already in place! Forms is a data collection tool that, among its many features, can help grow your business by creating polls and surveys for client and employee feedback. These polls, once completed, compile information for easy visualization – and are simple to use, whether you’re an administrator or the person providing answers!

Bookings, which is available for Office 365 Business’ Standard and Premium plans, allows you to streamline your company’s process for scheduling customer appointments. It’s a centralized calendar that allows you to track your team’s meetings and easily find open timeslots, send confirmation text messages to clients and add custom notes to appointments if necessary.

Revolutionize your business’ workflow by delving into the technology that is right at your fingertips!