How to optimize the channel mix to maximize engagement

April 8, 2022

The business landscape is constantly evolving, and, regardless of remote/hybrid/in-office employees, companies must still be able to deliver communications easily and effortlessly to their customers and prospects. That said, how should companies communicate with their customers – print, digital communications, or both? What are the benefits of each? How do customers even want to receive their communications from your company?

Quadient and IDC set out to find the answers.

IDC gained insight into everything from current outbound communication volume to key benefits of print and digital communication methods and why each method is preferred. Download the Ebook for an in-depth look at the current communication outreach landscape and learn why it is imperative to implement an integrated communication strategy.

Research Details:
IDC Quick Poll: 2021 U.S. Outgoing Mail Survey

  • 100 respondents, U.S. – based
  • Companies with 100+ employees (segmented by company size and vertical)
  • Respondent Qualifications: Responsibility or insight into how the organization manages and/or aims to improve the customer experience with knowledge of outbound communications programs.
  • Qualitative Research sponsored by Quadient

IDC conducted six in-depth interviews (IDIs) with Quadient customers as a supplement to the Quick Poll structured survey.

To gain access to this survey insight, download the complimentary Ebook:  3 Keys to an Effective Post-Pandemic Customer Communication Strategy 

What to keep in mind when planning your communication strategy:

  • Choice
    Customers demand choice. Print and mail is still a highly rated channel for communications, and it is not going away anytime soon. At the same time, digital communications provide value-add benefits that paper is unable to match in certain scenarios. A balanced approach is crucial.
  • Know your customer
    Some customers prefer print because they trust it more. Some prefer print because of regulatory concerns. Other customers prefer email and digital communication because it is portable and easy to consume. Know your customer and demographics to understand what they prefer.
  • Digital fatigue/overload
    Customers are feeling digital fatigue and are embracing offline, tangible experiences. Print, direct mail, promotional, and marketing pieces deliver a unique, engaging experience. Important or business-critical communication may get lost in the electronic deluge.
  • Presence
    Print communication stands out in the digital world. Print is sticky in the minds of customers. Print is tactile. Print is emotional. Print has longevity. Print offers a clear call to action, especially around billing.

To learn more, download the complimentary Ebook: 3 Keys to an Effective Post-Pandemic Customer Communication Strategy 

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