Embrace the Mobile Workforce

The agile, digital business thrives with the inherent flexibility of mobile workers, and embraces the anytime, anywhere, any-device model of productivity.

Mobile is the new standard

We’ve all seen the trend. You’ve seen the data. Globally, mobile is now the primary gateway to information, professional services, personal growth, consumer goods, and everything else. You might be reading these very words on a handheld device.

Mobile is not just the new standard medium for interaction, but the new standard for user experience. Amazon, Uber, Apple, Spotify and others have fundamentally changed expectations of how to engage. The modern digital citizen expects a fast, effortless interaction, including the interactions that fuel our professional lives.

Adopt an “any-X” strategy

Your team’s best work can happen outside the walls and limitations of a traditional office. By embracing the inherent flexibility of mobile, knowledge workers can drive workflow forward in their individual context.

Initiate workflow: Snap a picture of a document and kick off a new process based on automatically indexed data

Participate in processes: Route documents for approval, provide additional information or simply perform an ad-hoc search

Complete tasks: Approve queries and make informed decisions at the point of need

The “any-X” strategy supports real-time, agile business that operates beyond walls, working hours and stationary desktops. It thrives within a model of untethered worker freedom: anytime, any place, any device.



Time zones and hectic travel schedules are no longer a hurdle. Keep business moving in an asynchronous world.

Any place

Keep connected anywhere in the world: on the road, from a home office, in a satellite office, or anywhere with a network connection.

Any device

All technologies are welcome: smartphones, tablets, laptops; Mac, Windows, iOS, Android; WiFi or 4G.

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