Cleaning Office Supplies

May 1, 2020

In order to ensure properly clean surfaces, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends cleaning, followed by disinfecting as best practice for the prevention of coronavirus in a work environment where multiple users share devices.

Keeping these devices clean is a basic necessity but it is not, however, the sole solution. Please also remember to practice social distancing during this critical time..

Cleaning Guide

+ Wear disposable gloves made of latex (or nitrile gloves if latex-sensitive) when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

+ The CDC advises the use of an alcohol solution that consists of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water when cleaning.

+ Before proceeding, turn off machine and disconnect AC power. You should also disconnect any external devices.

+ Wipe external surfaces using a microfiber cleaning cloth or disinfectant towels.

+ Do not apply liquids directly on devices.

+ It is important to pay close attention to frequent touch areas such as smart panels, lids, trays and keyboards.

+ When cleaning a display screen or touchscreen panel, wipe in one direction.

+ After disinfecting, copier/scanner glass should be cleaned again using an office glass cleaner.

+ After cleaning, gloves should be discarded, and hands washed immediately for 20 seconds with soap and warm water.

+ Ensure surfaces have completely air-dried before turning the device on after cleaning. No moisture should be visible on the surfaces of the product before being powered on.



+ The following are precautions to take into account when cleaning and disinfecting Kyocera office equipment:

+ When cleaning regularly, do not use an alcohol/water mixture that is stronger than 70% alcohol.

+ Do not spray any liquids directly onto the product.

+ Never use abrasives or chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, peroxide or other cleaning agents – this can cause physical damage to equipment.

+ Do not use regular paper towels or tissues to clean equipment.

+ Never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser.

+ Avoid contact with skin and eyes when cleaning withalcohol.

+ Only clean the exterior touch surfaces when cleaning and disinfecting equipment.

+ Check to ensure the cleaning product is not past its expiration date.

+ Ensure there is adequate ventilation in the cleaning area.

+ Do not touch your face with your gloves.


These guidelines are basic principles of good hygiene and, given the current situation, should be re-emphasized and given even greater importance. Apart from ensuring clean surfaces, device users should also practice good personal hygiene, including frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water, and maintain social distancing.

For customers who are concerned about touching the machine, Kyocera offers applications such MobilePrint and MyPanel which help minimize the need to use device panels. Both Apps are available in the Apple App store and Google Play Store free of charge.

Maintaining optimal hygiene is a team effort; clean device surfaces alone will not halt the spread of the virus. Each and every employee has a responsibility to maintain a healthy workspace for the collective good.

Following these guidelines means you will be playing your part in flattening the curve.

If you have any questions or concerns about sanitation procedures in regards to your equipment, please contact your Business Tech Advisor or call us at 1(800)532-1565.