USPS Announces Temporary Rate Change for October 2020

August 27, 2020

On August 14, 2020, the USPS announced that they were going to implement a “time-limited” rate change for some of their competitive shipping products.

While surprise rate changes can put stress on your shipping budget and your bottom line, we have some preliminary information to help you prepare. The announced rate changes will take effect on Oct 18, 2020 and will be in effect until Dec 27, 2020. After that, the rates will roll back to their current state. We have outlined the products that will and will not be affected below. We are currently reviewing the new (proposed) rate book and will post the most relevant changes here as soon as we have had a chance to boil it all down for you.

As of writing this post (Aug 21, 2020), the announced changes have yet to be approved by the PRC. However, an approval is expected soon. We will keep you posted with all of the latest details here in this blog and through email if you are on our email list. 

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